Tom Fenner

Tom Fenner


Tom has had many great accomplishments in his life: Graduating from college, staying in several Holiday Inns, rescuing 5 people, 2 babies, and 3 cats from a burning building (unfortunately there were no witnesses), and the list goes on… But Tom’s greatest accomplishment to date was creating and launching a Fantasy Golf league in January of 2013. He enjoys playing the game of golf, but not quite as much as he enjoys watching his fantasy golfer shoot a low Sunday round to win a tournament. Outside of the game of golf Tom makes, well, a very vague and insubstantial impact on the world.



Dave Williams

Dave Williams

From an early age, Dave has had a passion for the game.  Some have even claimed he was handed a plastic red driver the day he was born.  Suffice it to say, his game has not improved much since then.  An avid supporter of lift, clean, and place, Dave approaches golf the same way many approach a trip to the zoo.  Excited to go but when that first kid on a leash kicks his shin the bar seems like a better alternative.  Having peaked early in the fantasy golf game, Dave has been suffering karma’s fiery revenge ever since.  When Dave is not being a savage from the tee, he enjoys bargain hunting, cranberry vods (no, he’s not ashamed) and books on tape.



Jon Costin

Jon Costin

Jon grew up loathing the game of golf, he once tried to play in high school, only to be made fun of by the birds from Dumbo. It wasn’t until Dave told Jon that he could drink out on the links that Jon began developing an interest in this fine sport. Soon — though his score card didn’t reflect it — he began to enjoy playing more than drinking. With the introduction of fantasy golf into his life, Jon is substantially less productive Thursday-Sunday than he is the rest of the week.


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